03 Jan

2016 YTD Case Summary

In the last twelve months the Freedom From Addiction Foundation:

• Conducted eighteen successful interventions that resulted in detox and rehab treatment

• Raised funds and successfully placed sixteen patients in drug and alcohol treatment

• Hosted a “RECOVERY MOVIE NIGHT” and entertained 210 participants in order to raise funds

• Through radio PSA’s, continued to share information on new trends and threats, such as the growing popularity of Heroin use by young people ages 12-21.

• Provided area law enforcement with current trends, stats and resources to keep them in-the-know so that they may refer subjects to treatment, support groups and care centers instead of the typical “revolving door” process of dealing with addicts.

• Presented thirty-five speeches, talks and testimonies at several recovery centers, recovery groups, treatment facilities, jails and private homes – forwarding the message of recovery and the mission of FFA.

• FFA currently has nineteen direct cases.  We are in need of immediate funding to expand that number to 100.