02 Jan

From the Founder

Baldwin Smith
Baldwin Smith, Jr.


Dear Friend,

Foremost, I want to express my personal gratitude for your past support of the Freedom From Addiction Foundation. Because of benefactors like you, we have improved the lives of many of the sick and suffering addicts, alcoholics and their loved ones.

I hope you will find the following information helpful and consider a renewed gift to FFA.

Freedom From Addiction Foundation, Inc. (FFA) is dedicated to fighting addiction, promoting recovery, and reaching out to suffering family members.

The FFA vision is to be nationally active in the prevention and education of addiction, and the recovery and support of those who are affected by addiction.

Addiction affects the world at a rapidly growing rate. It harms our families, friends, schools, economy and the overall growth and well being of the nation. As the number of teens using drugs and alcohol increases their dreams and ambitions are compromised. Their education suffers and positive influences become meaningless. This coupled with a lack of prevention education, healthy living skills and financial support leaves people hopeless.

Our mission is simple. We help those that do not have the means to afford treatment. We support their loved ones and help them understand the disease. We work hard to keep them in the solution. We save lives.

In the last twelve months the Freedom From Addiction Foundation:

• Conducted eleven successful interventions that resulted in detox and rehab treatment

  • Raised funds and successfully placed twenty-eight patients in drug and alcohol treatment
  • Hosted a “RECOVERY MOVIE NIGHT” and entertained 130 participants in order to raise funds
  • Collected new endorsements from national radio personalities and programs donating FFA free ad mentions and helping us spread the message of recovery
  • Hosted a successful dinner and live auction in March raising nearly $20k for the cause
  • Elevated our minimal staff with continued education, so as to elevate the effectiveness and prominence of the Foundation.
  • Through radio PSA’s, continued to share information on new trends and threats, such as the growing popularity of Heroin use by young people ages 12-21.
  • Provided area law enforcement with current trends, stats and resources to keep them in-the-know so that they may refer subjects to treatment, support groups and care centers instead of the typical “revolving door” process of dealing with addicts.
  • Presented 24 speeches, talks and testimonies at several recovery centers, recovery groups, treatment facilities, jails and private homes – forwarding the message of recovery and the mission of FFA.
  • FFA currently has forty-four direct cases.  We are in need of immediate funding to expand that number to 100.

We need major contributions to help us increase our impact in the coming months.

As you read our recent accomplishments, I hope you get the sense that our charity is focused on action, not only words. Our volunteers are soldiers for recovery. Our efforts are fruitful. Our purpose is clear. But we have so much yet to do. Currently, we are in desperate need of contributions to fund the upcoming quarter. To that end, we appeal to you on bended knee.

Please help us achieve our goal during “Project 100.”

Detox, rehab, counseling, integration. Each case can cost upwards of $20k. Can you consider a donation to the Freedom From Addiction Foundation to help cover our pending cases and take on more?
I thank you for your time and ask that you please consider making a contribution to the Freedom From Addiction Foundation.  This business is important, vital and life saving. We must end the pandemic.

Best always, 


Baldwin Smith, Founder