02 Jan



FFAF is proud to provide nationwide intervention counseling and services to families in need of our help.

FFAF is dedicated to providing support and helping to develop plans for family, friends, and co-workers who have loved ones or children that suffer from addiction problems such as alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling, sexual disorders, and food disorders.  Addictions of all types seem to be progressive in nature and the effectiveness of early crisis interventions and programs has been established.

Addiction is not a moral issue.  Though some of the behavior exhibited is devastating, most of these behaviors and associated problems are lessened or vanish after someone has begun working in a recovery program.

A professional interventionist can play an integral role in helping you to develop strategies and a plan for treatment for those in need of help.  An intervention is an education process aimed at stopping the chaos and crisis that is so common in the life of an alcoholic or addict.

Interventions work.  A well-executed intervention process aims to move the addict from crisis to recovery, and a program which may include detox, medical care, therapy, and behavioral counseling.

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